Triple Card Poker

General Rules

There are two different ways of betting in Triple Card Poker: The Pairs Plus bet and the standard Ante / Play wager. You can bet on either one or both, and in varying amounts. They are both founded on a three card hand. The ranking of the hands is like that of poker, except that it is easier to get a flush than a straight. The ranking of the hands is as follows:

  • Straight Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Pair
  • High Card
After placing your initial wagers, click on "Deal" to start the game.

Ante and Play

If you bet on the ante spot, you must look at your three cards and decide to raise or fold. A raise will be the same amount as your first bet. If you elect to fold your hand, you will lose your ante bet.

If you elect to raise, then you will go against the dealer's hand. In order to qualify, the dealer needs at least a Queen high. You will win the Ante bet at 1:1 and the raise bet pushes if the dealer's hand does not qualify. You will lose both bets if the dealer does qualify and her hand beats your hand. You will be paid out on both the Ante and the Raise if the dealer's hand does qualify and your hand beats the dealer's hand. Both wagers push if the dealer's hand qualifies and the dealer ties you.

Also, there is a bonus on the Ante wager which is not contingent on the dealer's hand. By clicking on "View Payouts" in the game, you can see how this pays out in addition to the standard 1:1 ante payout.

Pairs Plus

With the Pairs Plus bet, the dealer's hand is immaterial. Your bet will be paid if your hand contains a pair or higher ranked hand. Click on "View Payouts" to see the paytable.