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Boxing Betting and Fighting Odds

Boxing betting is one of the most popular sports betting worldwide. We at let you place your bets on your favorite boxers, as well as provide you with boxing matches, articles, links and many more. Boxing Betting and Fighting Odds are an exciting way of enjoying boxing! Have fun watching your bet while feeling the thrill on your gamble!

The most basic bet for boxing fans – and the most common – is simply which fighter will win the fight. Another very common wager for boxing bettors is the number of rounds a fight will go. Bettors will see a line that could look something like this: O/U 11.5 Rounds (-120/+105). That may seem daunting but it simply means that you are betting that a fight will finish within 11.5 rounds or that a fight will go past 11.5 rounds. As for the numbers in the brackets, they work the same as the betting lines discussed above.