Ride on Poker

Procedure of Play

When the player places three equal wagers on the bet spot and clicks "Deal", play begins. Then the dealer deals three cards face up to the player and two community cards face down. The player has the option to take one of the bets back by clicking on "Take Back," or to leave the bet in place by clicking on "Ride On." Then the dealer turns over one of the two community cards and the player has the choice to "Take Back" another bet or "Ride On." The player's decision the first time has no effect on his/her decision the second time. Then the final community card is flipped and the player is paid according to the payoff table.

The "View Payouts" tab displays all payout odds and information.

Progressive Jackpot

There is a $1 per hand side bet available to the player. In order to win, the player is required to have at least a flush. You place this side bet by clicking on the coin slot below the bet area. The player has chosen to take part in the progressive wager for this hand when the button shows "On." The player has chosen not take part in the progressive jackpot wins when the button shows "Off."