Getting Started

Play for real or just play for fun... regardless of your choice, we are pleased that you have chosen as your Internet gaming destination. If you should ever have any questions or comments about our site, please feel free to contact us.

Following is a quick overview to assist with your casino game play instructions:

Step One. Believe!

First, the game results are completely random and in line with Nevada gaming regulations (our overall monthly payout percentage is above 96% - better than most Las Vegas casinos). Second, you will get paid. You will not only simply receive your winnings, but you'll receive them in a timely manner (if requesting payment by check, checks are processed within 48 hours). Our many payment processors provide timely and varied methods of payment (see payment processors websites for details.)

Step Two. Opening an account

Click on "Instant Play Games," or "Account Registration". First, decide between Play for fun or Play for real. If you select "play for fun" you'll be directed to the main interface where you can select from our expansive menu of casino games. If you decide to "play for real" and assuming that you are new to, please select "Account Registration." Next, you will need to complete the brief registration form, including the selection of a username and password. Please remember to write down this password information. This password information may also be used in the sportsbook.

Step Three. Depositing Funds

First, click on the "$" sign at the top of the interface. A new window (Player Support Cashier) will then appear requesting your username and password. After entering the info, on the following page, please select "deposit." Next, simply choose a deposit method along with the dollar amount of your deposit.

Step Four. Collecting Winnings

When you are ready to cash-out and collect your winnings, again click on the "$" sign at the top of the interface. Next, enter your username and password. On the next page, click on "withdraw". You will be asked to enter your requested withdrawal amount. In order to complete the withdrawal, you will also need to enter the PIN number that was sent to you via e-mail (all players receive a unique PIN by e-mail, which is sent out during the account registration process.) Checks are processed every 48 hours and, if requested, can be sent via Federal Express (otherwise payment is sent via regular mail).