Casino War

General Rules

Casino War comes from the children's card game, War. The person with the highest card will win. The player and the dealer are each dealt a card. Whoever has a higher valued card, will win the bet.

The player is given two options if there is a tie:

  1. Surrender - the player will lose the hand and must forfeit half of the wager
  2. Go to War - the player has to raise his bet by an amount equal to the original wager and go to War

Going to War

Click on "Go to War" to raise your bet by an amount equal to your original bet, at which point the dealer will put aside the next three cards in the deck and deal the fourth card face up to you and the fifth one to herself. You will win the game along with an amount equal to your raise wager and the original wager will push if your second card is equal to or greater than the dealer's second card. However, if your second card is lower than the dealer's second card, then you will lose both the original and raise wagers.

Tie Side Bet

You have the option to place a "Tie" wager at any point before you click deal. You can do this by placing an amount on the Tie spot. You are paid out at 10-1 if your first card ties the dealer's first card. Any cards dealt during a war are not counted in this wager.