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F1 Betting and Formula One Racing

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As one of the most watched sports in the world, Formula One (F1) racing is a huge hit for sports bettors worldwide. With tons of different drivers to choose from, plenty of races to bet on, and lots of different types of bets to work with, the possibilities to make some serious cash are nearly endless. With all this betting flexibility and all these choices, it can get confusing quickly and leave you stuck in the pits, not sure where to get started.

Podium Finish

A popular F1 bet that you may find interesting is a podium finish bet. When you make one of these bets, you select a driver you think is going to do well, and if they finish on the podium, you win! For those that might not know, a podium finish is one where the driver finishes in first, second, or third. It does not matter which of these three positions your driver finishes in. If you make this bet and they finish first, you win! If you make this bet and they finish third, you win! There are no differences in payouts based on where the driver finishes, as long as they finish in the top three.

As you might expect, the payout odds on these bets will be a bit lower than a to-win bet. This is because it’s easier to pick a driver to finish in the top three than it is to pick a driver to win a race. Still, though, the odds are most likely going to be better than even money on most or all drivers. This is a great bet to make when you know that a driver is going to have a strong showing, but you either want to lower variance or you aren’t positive that they can close or beat out a significant favorite for the top spot.